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Introducing our NEW Loadslider Sliding Cargo Tray

Our revolutionary Loadslider, sliding cargo tray comes standard with the following features;


80% extension

350kg evenly distributed load carrying capacity

All aluminium T-slot extrusions on the decking

All aluminium perimeter rail

4mm steel framework

Completely powder coated in a durable textured powder coating

Ergonomic handle and locking lever

39 locking positions

4 vertical bearings and 4 side thruster bearings ensure a smooth operation

Safety mechanism guarantees the slide will not roll away or slam out of control

Over two years of testing in harsh African conditions

Unique T-Slot extrusions allow you to "drop and turn" t-bolts or t-nut to secure any type of load you are carrying.

Various accessories launching soon.

Worldwide shipping available.

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How it works

load slider 3 quarter view.png

Double Cab Loadslider

R12 990 incl.vat & fitment

Double Cab Loadslider with rail.png

Double Cab Loadslider with rail

R14 990 incl.vat & fitment

Double Cab Loadslider rail

rail only 3 quarter.png
bin boxes on rail.png

Loadslider + rail + 2 bin boxes

R2000 incl.vat & fitment

R16 370 incl.vat & fitment

pin box loadslider.png

Bin box + mounting bolts

R690 incl.vat

Additional eye hooks

eye nut assembled.png

R25 incl.vat

corner brackets ammo box.png

Pair of corner brackets

R280 incl.vat

eye nut unassembled.png

Various fasteners & spares


Wildtrak Loadslider
Wildtrak Loadslider 2
Wildtrak Loadslider 3
Wildtrak Loadslider with canopy
Wildtrak slide inside load bin extension
Loadslider 18 ammo boxes capacity
loadslider side view open
loadslider rear right full extension
loadslider rear 3 quarter open
loadslider corner bracket front view
loadslider corner bracket rear view
loadslider corner LH front
load slider 3 quarter view
corner brackets ammo box
load slider side view
Loadslider bin box
loadslider with perimeter rail
loadslide open side view verticle
Loadslider perimeter rail
Loadslider bin boxes on rail
Loadslider bin box top view
eye nut unassembled
eye nut assembled