Entry Level Canopy
Mill finish entry level canopy
Entry Level Canopy
Entry Level Canopy
Entry Level Canopy
Entry Level Canopy
Entry Level Canopy
Entry Level Canopy

       From Only R16 990 incl.vat

  • Mill finish uncoated aluminum frame

  • Mill finish uncoated tread plate roof and doors (vastrap/tread pattern)

  • Fixed toughened windows front and back

  • Tinted rear window

  • Pressure equaliser vent

  • One key opens all locks ( keyed alike)

  • Two gas stays per door

  • 50 kg overall weight (double cabs)

  • Over 500kg rooftop carrying capacity

  • All aluminium frame roof and doors

  • Seamless waterproof hinges

  • All bolts use nyloc nuts

  • No rivets are used

  • Accessories can be added at a later stage

  • Roof of canopy is level with vehicle roof

  • Dust and water tight

  • Fitted with mounting brackets (no drilling)

  • All parts and panels are CNC laser cut which makes it easy to replace parts if they ever get damaged

  • Perfect for commercial or leisure use

*excludes fitment and courier charges

We are confident that there is no better entry level canopy on the market at this price point

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